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These expenses include costs for notarizing fraud affidavits or similar documents attesting to fraud; and lost income--up to a maximum of $200 a day and total payments not to exceed $5,000--for time taken off from work to meet with law-enforcement personnel or credit agencies.
Even if borrowers elect to not receive their own digital certificates, they can legally execute electronic mortgages with simple typed-in signatures because the CryptoNotary confirms the borrowers' identity before notarizing the transaction.
IR expects to begin notarizing on-line data within three months.
com will eliminate the many steps involved in certifying, notarizing and manually sending hard-copy transcripts from the court reporter to its clients.
Notaries would perform face-to-face services, such as the collection and validation of documents to establish the identity of an individual, visiting the home or place of business of an individual to establish a valid address, or digitally notarizing documents, using the NotarX system to validate their actions.