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In both normal clefs and chiavette, Palestrina notates a maximum gamut of 21 notes, exceeding the recommendation of Zarlino.
I love students' maps and the many creative ways they find to notate and remember musical ideas.
When a choreographer builds a lasting rapport with a choreologist, they will then notate and restage works with a combination of the accuracy of BMN and the knowledge and understanding that can only grow from working closely with someone over a period of time.
Young directors-to-be can arrange sets, costumed characters, and props in the polyurethane foam base, follow the CD recording of El Amor Brujo with the libretto, and notate the characters' movements on choreography cards.
The author clarifies what has changed in Vista, notates the navigation path, describes what each option does, and highlights non-obvious features for the power user.
Mozart, especially, very carefully notates minute articulation in his works.
Play Music notates using a computer mouse, any MIDI instrument or downloadable MIDI files.