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To do so the child generally will use either standard musical notation or graphic notation (Cage & Knowles, 1969; Rudolph & Leonard, 2002; Stone, 1980; Upitis, 1992).
The 19th-century Petipa classics are luckily pretty well-recorded, even though Pierre Lacotte, when offered the Stepanov notation score for a reconstruction of The Pharaoh's Daughter for the Bolshoi Ballet, decreed he was a better choreographer than Petipa, with not unexpected results.
For Cardew, notation posed problems directly related to Wittgenstein's investigations of language.
First students would read from the sol-fa notation, secondly they would read the normal staff notation in conjunction with sol-fa notation, and finally graduate to reading from staff notation alone.
By the end of the second week after the meeting, a final version is produced and provided to the Committee for approval by a notation vote.
Since I have not come across 11-1 for 3-1, nor 1001-1 for 9-1, the quotations displayed on the exchanges are not written in binary notation. The quotations displayed on the exchanges are written in deci-mal notation; and stand for returns inclusive of stakes - that is, they are 'prices plus one' - what I call 'return operators'; or what bookies regard as 'takeouts'.
Architecture has no such established system, and nor does it have a 'notation' in the sense of musical or dance notation (though it has conventions of drawing, but this is not Eisenman's usage).
CW9 also contained the Venite borrowed from Worship Supplement (in an improved notation).
Essentially, however, it was Morelli's assignment and Morelli's notations that are of most interest.
Oversights in the volume most often relate to the bibliographical notations. For example, the entry on "Sexuality and Hughes" mentions "biographer Faith Berry." However, both "Abbreviations and Short Titles" and the "General Bibliography" only name Faith Berry as the editor of Good Morning Revolution: Uncollected Writings of Social Protest by Langston Hughes.
In the course of writing a computer program to implement Conway's notation, Hart tried to think of a simple operator that wasn't yet included in Conway's list.
To assure that penalties will not be assessed, the required waiver request must be attached to the Form 1065 and a notation in large red letters should be placed on page 1 of the Form 1065: "Waiver Request IRC Section 6011(e)(2)."