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Ben Hammouda qualifie la position de l'agence de " position d'attente ", estimant que l'institution de notation reaffirme sa decision prise en fevrier et qui concerne la baisse de la notation souveraine de la Tunisie a B positif, en attendant le developpement des situations economique et securitaire au cours des prochains mois.
The value of graphical notation to the creative process of composition is supported by two research studies--one in Korea (Auh and Walker, 1999), one in Australia (Auh, 2000)--that tried to measure the creativity in student compositions, comparing those written in graphical notation with a control group composing in traditional Western notation.
W2W: Walk-to-Work can be assigned where the vessels personnel transfer system is included in the class notation.
La notation de l'Egypte doit faire l'objet d'une revue d'examen, le 27 Juin, et celle de la Tunisie, le 24 octobre, selon le calendrier des notations annuelles de Fitch.
This book arose out of a project and conference, as Haines explains: 'In the early days of thinking about the Nota Quadrata project, it occurred to me that a volume of contributions by senior scholars dedicated to the question of the origins of square notation might be useful'.
Consequently, Troelsgard's aim in this volume is to bring up to date Tillyard's Handbook of the Middle Byzantine Musical Notation (Copenhagen: Levin & Munksgaard, 1935), and, although Troelsgard does not state this explictly, perhaps to bring forth again the MMB Transcripta series, which had been halted since 1958 because of the growing concern of issues surrounding transcriptions into Western staff notation.
Curwen saw his sol-fa notation system as doing for music reading something similar to what the modern phonetic alphabet does for reading.
Since I have not come across 11-1 for 3-1, nor 1001-1 for 9-1, the quotations displayed on the exchanges are not written in binary notation.
The original notation of the Gloria, for example, employed a half-note pulse that was, because of the visual appearance in notation, misunderstood as a quarter-note pulse.
In China, musical notation is mainly an aid to memory: master-pupil transmission is foremost.
But the study released Thursday found that 79 percent of shows with violence did not carry a ``V'' notation.
Basic information, necessary to the performer is presented - selection of strings, tuning, and facts about the notation which is a form of lute tablature usually called Spanish lute tablature but which is known only in Milan's book.