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ATIXA does not suggest that students be excluded from admission solely on the basis of notation, but that colleges and universities should be empowered by the tool of transcript notation to make more informed vetting decisions on the eligibility of any candidate for admission.
The basic notation with nominators D and MEc GAS READY (D, MEc) verifies that the vessel is in compliance with the gas fuelled rules in terms of its overall design for future LNG fuel operations and that the main engine can be converted or operate on gas fuel.
The breadth of coverage means that The Calligraphy of Medieval Music picks up on most recent thinking about the notation of medieval music, including the role of memory, the problem of variants, the practical aspects of book making, and the impact of print and trade.
This is Followed by discussions on the relationships between words and music; chant transmission before neumes; various types of Byzantine musical notations; problems of sizes of intervals and tunings; signs and interpretations of Middle Byzantine notation including rhythm, modes, melody.
He has produced, in my view, the definitive account of numerical notation for some time to come.
The notation method, which has been used for the first time in the composition of Vuma, is based upon a series of universal, easy-to-read and easy-to-write symbols.
Curwen saw his sol-fa notation system as doing for music reading something similar to what the modern phonetic alphabet does for reading.
Since I have not come across 11-1 for 3-1, nor 1001-1 for 9-1, the quotations displayed on the exchanges are not written in binary notation.
Architecture has no such established system, and nor does it have a 'notation' in the sense of musical or dance notation (though it has conventions of drawing, but this is not Eisenman's usage).
However, the guitar notation disappeared when the entire set of responses was included six years later-in tune-text notation, as Canticles 7 through 12-in the section just before the hymns in the LBW.
For example, his discovery of propellorized polyhedra came out of a new notation for describing polyhedra, proposed by mathematician John H.
But the study released Thursday found that 79 percent of shows with violence did not carry a ``V'' notation.