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Given the ever-more monolithic channeling of TV perception into the feedback loops of entertainment capital, the Ecochannel--and the Earthscore Notational System as a whole--obviously came across as a particularly high-minded form of utopianism.
2007) The evolution of computerised notational analysis through the example of racket sports.
Today we also understand that it is important to keep the two types of information apart, cast in notational distinction, so as to enable investigators to trace back the theoretical assumptions that enable causal conclusions to be derived from data.
For example, the initial "to the place which had perplex'd us first" (42) becomes the notational "to the Spot which had perplexed us first" of MS.
For the sake of notational convenience, we call such a neuron, a continuous time perceptron.
In half of the demonstration, by repeatedly introducing tacit identity, I convert the notational version of the non-Aristotelian postulates into a set theory approximation of the Laws of Thought, and in the other half, by repeatedly removing tacit identity, I convert the set theory statement of the Laws of Thought into a non-standard notational approximation to the non-Aristotelian postulates.
In this" scheme, a secret message is represented as a sequence of digits in a notational system with a prime base.
As they build their case for the shape generators (Minkowski addition and decomposition) they explain fundamental and advanced relationships between the algebraic system and shape descriptions through set theory, build image processing geo-chronology and mathematics through algebraic geometry, and provide a shape description notational scheme.
The notational journey had some ragged edges in the spirited second movement scherzo, with the best eking out of any spiritual reward coming from the penultimate slow bridge leading to the universally known finale.
Stats guru Alun Carter, the Welsh team's former head of Notational Analysis, produced facts and figures from the opening two games which back up the growing clamour from pundits, players and fans for the coach to throw caution to the wind.
The Warwickshire player (right) had five supposed bogeys on his card but he thought nothing about the notational par which is written as four for the 497-yard fourth hole, played against the wind and with the drive having to carry the tallest bunker in the UK, nor with his best shot of the day, a rescue club hit 255 yards to the par-three 11th.
Institutions employing a notational software package will be meeting one of the NASM standards.