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They tend to be cleverly efficient (minimizing the amount of space and writing used) but also opaque (the steps are not notationally expressive of their mathematical meaning).
This-will be notationally reflected by the bidirectional arrow, [?
Notationally, M = (DS, QL) denotes a data model M, consisting of data structures DS and query language QL.
4) It would not be hard (but notationally tedious) to consider even more general semantic operations with n components in input and m in output.
To formalize these conditions, note first that any strategy profile [sigma] defines in an obvious (if notationally dense) manner a probability distribution over the outcome space (X X {1, 2,.
Let c(K, y) denote the short-run cost function, with factor prices notationally suppressed.
Notationally, we use <X> to denote the collection returned by a subtree X.
Whatever seeming success we imagine we have in capturing, notationally, the style of a Twyla Tharp or a Louis Armstrong is rather like the sense in which an improvisional act in ordinary human circumstances can be computationally simulated after the fact but without assurance that that `notation' can also be counted on to anticipate the stylistically `recurrent' (but perceptually distinctive) features of an artist's `signature' in further work.
Since classifications are notationally controlled vocabularies, these inevitably have limits.
Notationally, Fisher expresses the equation of exchange as:
First, the sections themselves are kept notationally discrete from one another: the ritornello, for example, is notated in the finished score so that it leads on directly from the end of the three-part verse - the vocal parts end with a semibreve so that the strings can complete the bar with an anacrusis of one minim - but in C616 this anacrusis is not subtracted from the end of the previous bar; similarly, the ending of the [cents] section of the bass verse is a full bar in C616, meaning that the anacrusis of 'The French unequal in the fight' is not taken into account.
Because pointers, heapallocated storage, and destructive updating are all mechanisms that introduce aliasing, the formal treatment of shape analysis is notationally somewhat formidable.