note differences

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This led to interesting and productive discussions over the course of the week as we shared insights, and tried to make sense of the things we observed in lessons and even note differences in the way in which education works in a foreign context.
Note differences in y-axes due to differences in response rates
It will revolve around the Earth 29 times within 48 hours and repeat exact photo angles, making it possible to note differences in conditions -- characteristics that make the satellite unique, said the ministry.
At the same time, however, the chapters note differences in the alignment of strategic priorities and preferences between the United States and its regional allies, which is creating a variance in the magnitude, scope and future orientation of security cooperation.
Although the authors note differences in these two earliest Aegean civilizations, these societies are depicted in the first chapter as having a greater degree of similarity than has been generally claimed.
On the subject of national loyalty, it is always interesting to note differences in national culture.
Finally, the importance of Artaud's theories for directors like Brook, Grotowski, And Mnouchkineis examined, rearming the importance of his influence while taking care to note differences and nuances as these directors interpret Artaud's theories in their own idiosyncratic manner.
In "Re-Reading Women II: The Example of Brett, Hadley, Duff, and Women's Scholarship," Jamie Barlowe surveys readings of Brett Ashley to note differences between the male and female gaze.
Her extensive research is evident throughout the volume, and a thorough knowledge of primary materials enables her to make connections and note differences among them.
David Singleton, Lloyds TSB's managing director of business banking, said: "Choosing the right form of finance is crucial and it s interesting to note differences in opinion between male and female business owners.
Nor, for that matter, did any sample reviews note differences in updating between the Web version and any other platform.