note differences

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Serra Hyundai of Birmingham AL has recently added two pages to their site to help shoppers note differences between Hyundai's flagship sedans, the 2016 Genesis and the 2016 Azera.
On the subject of national loyalty, it is always interesting to note differences in national culture.
In "Re-Reading Women II: The Example of Brett, Hadley, Duff, and Women's Scholarship," Jamie Barlowe surveys readings of Brett Ashley to note differences between the male and female gaze.
Her extensive research is evident throughout the volume, and a thorough knowledge of primary materials enables her to make connections and note differences among them.
David Singleton, Lloyds TSB's managing director of business banking, said: "Choosing the right form of finance is crucial and it s interesting to note differences in opinion between male and female business owners.
Nor, for that matter, did any sample reviews note differences in updating between the Web version and any other platform.
Following up on those weather warning maps that often block parts of your screen, it was interesting to note differences in maps all airing at the same time shortly before 11 p.
Sequence information can be exploited in many ways: to demarcate genes, to locate therapeutic targets, to identify mutations that contribute to drug resistance, and to compare the genomes of variant strains to note differences that may affect the antigenicity or virulence of the microbe.
This allows her to provide fascinating insight into what motivated working class people to become involved in the movement and to note differences in the experiences of women and men.
As we examine our cultures, we note differences and universalities.
It is also interesting to note differences in consumer habits and perceptions among frequent wine drinkers as compared to respondents who report they seldom drink wine.