note down

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To take part simply spend an hour looking into your garden or wander down to your park and note down the highest number of every bird species seen at any one time.
The Market Coordinators are being deputed in all the Marakiz of the city, who will remain present in the Marakiz from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to note down and report the issues regarding the respective Markaz and would keep close liaison with the trader's welfare associations and the consumers.
At the time, I wrote about this issue in this column and heavily criticized him, where I chose to note down the many grammar mistakes in his writings.
They have over the past months introduced inspectors early in the morning who note down the time of buses passing through Harborne and if they are sticking to the timetable.
The BHRWS is now calling on citizens to note down registration numbers of vehicles that transport workers in open trucks and inform the police.
If you would like to buy our pictures of the Blitz note down the code and call ECHO picture sales during office hours on 0151-472 2549.
Then note down how much time you spend devoted to all these areas of your life in the average week.
If you do suspect someone, note down what they look like and contact your local police station with the details.
I would like to see a Commission official, on a rainy day, trying to note down all the numbers from his herd of sheep - they obviously have no idea what practical farming is all about,'' he said.
To judge the going on both the hurdles and chase tracks yourself, note down the official times of the winners of the first two races.
Driving past a new apartment scheme on the Bristol Road at Selly Oak, interested motorists have been unable to note down contact details.