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I have let my house to Admiral Croft," would sound extremely well; very much better than to any mere Mr--; a Mr (save, perhaps, some half dozen in the nation,) always needs a note of explanation.
If contract is awarded to someone other than lowest bidder, a note of explanation will appear in the bid file and Commission Minutes.
And they may put the old one back - along with a note of explanation by way of an informal time capsule.
The decision to report this is one your medical director should make; however, if it is reported, a note of explanation might be in order.
He kindly advised that I needed a number 2 bus and wrote a note of explanation to give the driver.
While the exact manner of addressing a blemish depends on the circumstances, Haddad suggests that candidates might consider writing a letter or note of explanation to be included with their applications.
There was no note of explanation or anything, and one of my dresses was ruined because it had been left trailing out of the case.
She's asked me to sort out sending them back and write a little note of explanation.
If Ioan had written us a note of explanation as your article has stated, then that would have been a lot easier to understand and to bear.
Conflating classical legend with the image of Ellington's band on tour by train, it required a long programme note of explanation.
Thousands of people of all ages go missing every year,many without so much as a note of explanation or goodbye.
Before the merchants of doom start sharpening their pens, ready to apply a make-over to their arguments about a Wednesday preference, a note of explanation is necessary, since one of the most significant reasons for the fall may be out of the reach of Epsom, or the race itself.