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To take notice of. A Commercial Paper that contains an express and absolute promise by the maker to pay to a specific individual, to order, or to bearer a definite sum of money on demand or at a specifically designated time.


n. a promissory note, a written statement of debt by one or more people to one or more people, with a statement of a specific amount owed or due, date it is due, interest (if any) on the amount, and other terms such as installments, penalty for late payment, full amount due if delinquent, how secured (as by real property), and attorneys' fees and costs if required to collect on the note. (See: promissory note)

NOTE, estates, conv., practice. The fourth part of a fine of lands: it is an abstract of the writ of covenant and concord, and is only a, doequet taken by the chirographer, from which he draws up the indenture. It is sometimes taken in the old books for the concord. Cruise, Dig. tit. 35, c. 2, 51.

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The Department of State has a list of these countries on their Web site and provides the same in the resource materials noted in this article, including the pocket cards.
Tonuzi noted that Counsel is assigned to each CAP taxpayer, as well as to the audits of the intervening years, to assist in identifying issues and developing facts.
While one of her colleagues, Domingos Concalves, was designated a shoemaker, Lopez was noted as a widow who had been the wife of Bernaldo d Aguiar, ataqueiro.
Johnson noted that MTC uniformity recommendations go through a public hearing process through which we do receive comments and that these comments have been invariably helpful, greatly strengthening the projects.
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As noted earlier, some courts, such as the Ninth Circuit, have suggested that persons victimized by the lack of an adequate consular rights notification may not be entitled to the suppression of incriminating statements or the dismissal of an indictment, but that other unspecified relief might be available.
The AICPA's testimony pointed out some of the recent consequences of inadequate funding and also noted some administrative changes (penalty abatements, disclosure changes using a PIN, and notification of intention to offset) that, if implemented, would likely reduce some of the IRS's costs.
TEI noted that large businesses are generally subject to examination, which may take several years for the IRS to initiate and conclude.
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In applying the nature of the claim test to settlement damages, the express language of the agreement will generally be determinative.(11) Damages specifically noted in an agreement as being paid to settle a personal injury claim should be excludible under Sec.