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He lay his notepad down on the low cement wall next to the stand and wrote.
Support for command-line export of EDI as XML for EDI Notepad Professional Edition users
The company said that the Mesa Rugged Notepad, due to become available in the last quarter of 2010, will provide a platform for dedicated field data collection applications that can withstand extreme outdoor environments.
Our first-prize winner will receive a jazzy red leather portfolio, a skinny-fit T-shirt, A4 notepad, make-up bag and brushes and a keyring.
So get a notepad and jot down every purchase you make over the next month to get an accurate picture of where your money is going.
Resembling a regular 81/2 x 11" notepad portfolio, the Adesso CyberPad digitally stores exact reproductions of notes or graphics in real time.
A secret notepad of confessional letters to the vanished Tim aids in survival--but to its credit, Kuns' While You Were Out isn't your usual cut-up diary format, but a smooth-reading story.
I also have a notepad and pen by my nightstand to write during the night.
In addition to the LWVEF 2004 VOTE brochure, the playful red, white and blue kits contain handy items including a notepad and pencil imprinted with slogans to promote voting.
Each notepad will include 100 pages of die-cut paper footprints designed for leaving a quick note or making a short checklist.