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Noteworthily, in the case of kerogen model the density values of organic material in the bulk phase 0.
Noteworthily, to facilitate solicitation of foreign investment, the MOEA intends to review and revise laws and regulations of foreign investment projects to enhance transparency, and considers lifting restrictions on some of investment items against foreign investors in Taiwan.
Noteworthily, the company indicated that it will promote on-cell touch panels in the first quarter of 2013 to explore business potential brought by Windows 8 that makes screens of ordinary laptops and computers touchable.
Noteworthily, the top five brands together commanded a 78.
Noteworthily, Lenovo has recently set up a production plant in North Carolina State, the U.
Noteworthily, TPK's chief financial officer Freddie Liu refuted some institutional investors' statements that his company's September revenue will decline from August due partly to shortage of needed parts and components, and partly to appreciation of New Taiwan dollars against greenback.
Noteworthily is that the abovementioned Chinese car vendor contributed NT$1.
Noteworthily is that CAL's operating losses and pretax losses for the second quarter dropped to NT$248 million and NT$38 million, respectively, mainly thanks to drops of international oil prices.