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Have made a noteworthy contribution to acquisition operations or policy within 18 months of the due date for nominations;
It seems noteworthy that corporations like Boise Cascade, Hancock, Georgia-Pacific, and Weyerhaeuser join such unlikely bed-fellows as Yale University, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests on a certification checklist.
As previously stated, providing the reader with comprehensive information on MS ranging from general information on the illness to a discussion on how assistive technology may be helpful for persons with MS was noteworthy.
What's noteworthy about this public company is how well its financials are looking in the mirror.
Candidates who qualify for nomination must be noteworthy for their significant contributions to the B2B marketing discipline.
A Distinguished Fellow is an ACPE Fellow who has demonstrated noteworthy and enduring contributions to the knowledge and advancement of medical management.
Other noteworthy Canadian films were spread out over the festival's 25 appetizing programs.
Particularly noteworthy in this collection are Sampey's correspondents, many of them missionaries or missions related.
Its most noteworthy change is the unit's integrated approach to humidification: It gives the healthcare provider the option to switch patients from no humidification to room-temperature humidification to heated humidification with one device.
has launched the beta release of NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards(tm) for Windows.
For that reason, Italian museums rarely revisit the output of this seminal postwar artist, making this exhibition, comprising thirty paintings, sixty drawings, and ten etchings, among the most noteworthy in this season.
In opening remarks to the attendees, the Director of the NIST Physics Laboratory reminded them of the noteworthy historical NIST/NBS contributions to few-body physics: the discovery of multiply-excited states of atoms at the SURF synchrotron facility; the theory of spectral line shapes; the development of iterative methods for solving large linear algebra problems; and the infrastructure for scientific computation provided by the Handbook of Mathematical Functions.