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The recoil of the butt into the pit of the man's stomach had not been the most sanguinary result, for the charge of shot, at a distance of a yard, had blown the head of one of the debaters into nothingness.
Such were Elizabeth Elliot's sentiments and sensations; such the cares to alloy, the agitations to vary, the sameness and the elegance, the prosperity and the nothingness of her scene of life; such the feelings to give interest to a long, uneventful residence in one country circle, to fill the vacancies which there were no habits of utility abroad, no talents or accomplishments for home, to occupy.
Meanwhile Angel Clare had walked automatically along the way by which he had come, and, entering his hotel, sat down over the breakfast, staring at nothingness.
The "Wu" in their name means "no, without, nothing, nothingness," making Wu-Force mean, "The force of nothingness.
I will strike up a discussion with Sartre about the topic of liberty, and I will allude to some of his conclusions to refer to Nothingness as the great Puppet-Master.
I What may seem like nothingness paradoxically teems with activity.
Researchers in psychology and education argue that nothingness should be considered an inescapable dimension of human transformations of their cultural being and becoming.
Paradoxically, Leopardi, as poet-philosopher, was the singer of death, il cantore della morte, because he was the cantore del nulla, the singer of nothingness.
Here, a candle lit in its nothingness goes out, humbly, at its source, beckoning flame.
To feel collapsing within yourself, in your own nothingness, the risk of thinking of yourself, how you fall into internal chaos .
Dilworth illuminates a great variety of philosophical ideas, often in binary pairs requiring subtle distinctions--for instance, perspective and worldview, knowledge and understanding, transcendent and transcendental, universal and property, a priori and analytic, a posteriori and synthetic, emergence and reduction, existence and being, being and nothingness, identity and difference, paradox and contradiction, and, at its core, simplicity and complexity.
This God is absolute, immanent, omnipresent, and "absolute nothingness.