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Otolithus nothus = Cynoscion nothus (Holbrook): Silver Seatrout; p.
Latin for the son of a concubine and nothus for the son of an
nothus are of greater height than those of the other species, appearing rounder in shape.
Spawning, age determination, longevity, and mortality of the silver seatrout, Cynoscion nothus, in the Gulf of Mexico.
nothus, Larimus fasciatus, labrids, and Etropus crossotus) were collected during the same period, but inclusive of the early spring months (March-April).
X Serraniculus pumilio X Carangidae Chloroscombrus chrysurus X Decapterus punctatus X Lutjanidae Lutjanus campechanus Gerreidae Unidentified X Sciaenidae Cynoscion arenarius X X Cynoscion nothus X Larimus fasciatus X X Leiostomus xanthurus X X Micropogonias undulatus X X Sciaenops ocellatus Labridae Unidentified X Microdesmidae Microdesmus spp.
nothus, all three data sets indicated that hybridization between these species does not occur or occurs only rarely and that historical admixture in Galveston Bay after divergence between these species was unlikely.
nothus in the Galveston Bay offshore region, and the western GOM in general.
2005), were collected during the fall as juveniles and contributed to defining the fall inner-shelf (Larimus fasciatus and Menticirrhus americanus) and mid-shelf (Cynosion nothus and C.
X Rhomboplites aurorubens X Sparidae Lagodon rhomboides Lrho X Sciaenidae Bairdiella chrysura X Cynoscion nothus X Cynoscion regalis X Larimus fasciatus X Leiostomus xanthurus Lxan X Menticirrhus americanus Mame X Micropogonias undulatus Mund X Pogonias cromis X Sciaenops ocellatus X Pomacentridae Abudefduf sp.
Species n Restriction Fragment Georgia 1997 Sample weakfish 3 461 300 unknown A 7 413 300 unknown B 5 461 300 Known standards Cynoscion arenarius 15 461 300 Cynoscion nothus 13 413 300 Species Sizes (bp) Total size (bp) Georgia 1997 Sample weakfish 200 167 1128 unknown A 200 167 1080 unknown B 256 167 1184 Known standards Cynoscion arenarius 256 167 1184 Cynoscion nothus 200 167 1080 Table 3 Frequencies of unusual alleles in four geographical samples of weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) taken in 1996 and 1997.
On the differences in the habitat and size of Cynoscion arenarius and Cynoscion nothus.