notice to appear

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I (or claimant) was served with a Notice to Appear on ...
Section 214(b)(14.5) of the Domestic Violence Act (750 ILCS 60/214(b)(14.5)) provides that when prohibition of firearms possession is an appropriate remedy, and the respondent is present in court or has received notice to appear, the court shall order the respondent to surrender his/her FOID card, or a warrant for the seizure of the respondent's firearm and FOID card may be issued.
The cart and two fishing poles were seized, and the man was issued a Notice to Appear for this violation.
When Hispanics get caught in our country, they are usually given a "notice to appear" at a future court date, and they are let free.
They are not giving any advice about how to avoid the notice to appear, arrest, deportation."
When I complained to the dean about mistreatment while studying obstetrics/gynecology in 1995, I was quickly served notice to appear before the school's Committee on Student Scholastic Standing for alleged unsatisfactory performance in that course.
Fernando had also been given notice to appear before the Criminal Investigations Department today to record a statement over the Easter Sunday attacks.
Well-informed sources in this regard told ARY News that, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader has been served notice to appear before the accountability watchdog along with the record.
According to local news channel reports, former federal minister Khawaj Asif has been served notice to appear before the Rawalpindi office of bureau.
The minister was asked in the notice to appear before NAB's Rawalpindi office.
Hartnell was given notice to appear in court and was released.
Justice Nisar observed that the top court had issued the AGP a notice to appear. 'Should we adjourn the hearing until tomorrow?' he asked.