notice to appear

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The cart and two fishing poles were seized, and the man was issued a Notice to Appear for this violation.
But they sent the warning that I had three points to my old address, so I didn't get that, and that's where they sent the notice to appear in court as well.
Now Moore, who was dubbed The Man In Black and 'the most dangerous man to ever set foot in Wales' during his 1996 trial, says he has been given official notice to appear at the inquest.
They are not giving any advice about how to avoid the notice to appear, arrest, deportation.
When I complained to the dean about mistreatment while studying obstetrics/gynecology in 1995, I was quickly served notice to appear before the school's Committee on Student Scholastic Standing for alleged unsatisfactory performance in that course.
Jonquel Gaston, 20, of Carbondale given notice to appear for city ordinance violation of consumption of alcohol.
In the meantime, Israeli police raided the neighborhood of al-Issawyia in Jerusalem, where they detained two Palestinians and handed another one a notice to appear before the Israeli intelligence for questioning.
Hussain further added that he received the notice to appear before JIT yesterday, and was given only 24 hours to report.
After admissibility processing at a Border Patrol station, Cuban nationals will receive a Notice to Appear (NTA) before an Immigration Judge, for further proceedings under the Cuban Migration Agreement of 1995 and the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.