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Markham notes one possible remedy to the situation is to adopt a program that promotes greater workforce participation at all ages The report indicates that Canada's activity rates fall short of rates of the top five OECD countries for every age and gender group, but most noticeably among older workers age groups of 55 years or more.
Have purchasing levels noticeably increased or decreased in the last six months?
The birth rate among women aged 25-29 decreased not too noticeably, but fell further in the 20-25 years group.
This technology combined with the 5400 RPM rotational speed noticeably improves mobile computing system performance.
A study conducted by the Bangalore City Traffic Police shows that concentrations of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and suspended particulate matter have been noticeably reduced since the changes were implemented in the spring of 2001.
Kingston, which was floated by Hull City Council in 1999, said only its media-based business had been noticeably affected by the downturn.
These real questions made the task noticeably more difficult than the TREC-8 task, but despite the increased difficulty, the best-performing system was able to extract a correct answer to the question more than 65 % of the time.
Waldroop and Butler cover a lot of theoretical territory, and the book slows down noticeably when they move from the personal stories to drill down into theory and generalization.
Since the use of microdebriders and through-cutting forceps became widespread in endoscopic sinonasal surgery, the incidence of postoperative crusting and synechiae has decreased noticeably.
There are nevertheless some pleasant surprises: there are architects here, most noticeably ABK and Powell & Moya, who have never received the critical attention they deserve for their later work, and it had not crossed my mind that either of them would ever be held up as a model for architects in the US.
The combined efforts of the police and municipal authorities led to noticeably cleaner properties, more legitimate use of the street, less illicit and uncivil behavior, and fewer drug-related calls for service, especially in residential sites.