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One may have both standards and eyes; a lousy noticer is not
Having investigated my taste for noticers, I know that there are
The noticer, an old man who refers to himself as "Jones." finds Andrews living beneath a pier in Orange Beach, Ala.
With a message of hope and the power of simple wisdom, The Noticer offers insights to people of all ages and life circumstances--because, as the book's subtitle aptly states, Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective.
And in the second example, David Perkins helps guide readers to become better "noticers" of things that pertain to ideas being assembled [49].
His recounting of Washington and his regiment mired in mud outside of Princeton and facing what seemed a sure defeat by the British until Washington, said to be 'a leader in weather noticers,' sensed a drop in the temperature and thus knew the battle might be turned, had me enraptured." NANCY ROMMELMANN