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Unfortunately, Marshmallow doesn't appear to have a system-wide setting for these sorts of notifications, but at the very least, you can reduce the number of heads-up notifications you see.
Sometimes the latest known address of the target recipient is not sufficient for the purposes of notification and then the notification process cannot be duly completed with that given address.
In case some users prefer privacy and do not want notifications appearing on the lock screen, go to Settings and tap on Sounds and Notifications.
Conversely, Facebook uses push notifications that are more annoying than useful.
In the event of an emergency or disaster, it is critical that campuses have a flexible notification solution with which they can instantly alert first responders, campus decision-makers and, if necessary, the entire campus community," said Paul Lopez, general manager, marketing, NEC Unified Solutions.
WINNIPEG -- Manitoba's Community Notification Advisory Committee which advises police agencies whether they should warn the public about the presence of high-risk sex offenders in the community, has dealt with 111 cases which they referred for consideration since 1995.
Department of State's Consular Notification and Access Reference Card?
Fischman said the judge's requirement that affidavits be produced proving notifications were indeed made is a win for the citizens of Los Angeles.
The Microsoft Active Notifications software alerts users to incoming e-mail and calendar appointments while the computer is in sleep mode.
3 environment that is essentially a notifications history, which shows a number of past notifications in blurred grey, while new notifications are lit up in white.
May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- National Notification Network (3n), a leading provider of emergency mass notification systems, today outlined the top five ways companies benefit from using mass notification systems in emergencies.
Sergeant John Cooley, officer in charge of LAPD's Employee Assistance Unit (LAPD/EAU, 977 North Broadway, Suite 409, Los Angeles, California 90012; 213-485-0703), who is responsible for making timely notifications and handling funeral arrangements in LAPD line-of-duty deaths, interview by author, July 2000.