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The DOS must be notified in writing, however, prior to a shut-down of the incinerator so they can survey and determine the new volume of garbage pick-ups and make schedules accordingly.
On October 11, 2005 MacMillan Gold notified Young-Shannon that it was in default of the agreement for not delivering the 500,000 initial shares of Young-Shannon due to MacMillan within 10 days of regulatory approval and MacMillan provided Young-Shannon 30 days written notice until November 11, 2005 to correct the default or be subject to the option agreement being terminated by MacMillan.
Changes to the way Notified Bodies audit all manufacturers of medical devices and to the supervision of Notified Bodies will significantly change the nature of CE marking certification from 2014 onwards.
Energy: Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi notified on March 14 its intention to take over certain parts of energy and telecom cables firm, BICC.
Victims of domestic violence who fear their jailed spouses may soon harm them again can now be notified when the offender is released under a free service rolled out Tuesday by Los Angeles County officials.
Franchise Tax Board: Taxpayers usually are notified when the threshold is met.
However, in order to qualify for substitute notice, the government or business must demonstrate that the cost of providing direct notice would exceed $500,000 or 500,000 individuals to be notified.
Contract notice: Technical secretariat of the group of notified bodies under construction products regulation 305/2011/eu.
Motor vehicles: Butler Capital Partners, Axa Asset Management Private Equity, CDC Equity Capital and Finauto SARL notified on March 8 their joint proposal to take over car parts firms Finelist and Autodistribution.
The co-founder of United Farm Workers is calling upon state officials to nullify a recent action to form an in-company union at a Watsonville-based strawberry company because 250 Oxnard pickers were not notified of the vote.
In the case of partnerships with over 100 partners, only partners with a 1 % or more interest must be notified, unless these under-1% partners have banded together under special rules to form a 5% notice group.
Nasdaq:MXIM) has been notified that a truck, belonging to the NNR line, that was forwarding Maxim parts was hijacked in Malaysia on April 16, 2005.