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As the relationship between the notifier and his reasons for seeking the protective bodies and carrying out the notification, it was found that the vast majority was motivated by physical signs presented by the victims, with highlight to the Dial 100, the victim himself and health institutions, with 40.
We'll create a Touch notifier monitoring app that receives data wirelessly and notifies a user if the touch sensor is being touched.
In order to install the app, users will now have to download Google Chrome, which has a built-in desktop notifier and can connect to the company's productivity app.
Breakup Notifier allows Facebook users to keep tabs on the relationship statues of their crushes, sending email when the designated user exits a relationship.
La commission d'ethique vient de notifier qu'elle vient de suspendre M.
It has an enhanced version of Encore's Notifier that now includes the ability to send SNMP traps to network management systems, supplementing alarms that can page, e-mail and sound alerts to notify appropriate personnel immediately.
Afridoctor is Africa's first personal mobile health clinic, turning your device into a powerful first aid information kit, a doctor-location service, and an emergency distress notifier," says the application's development team.
This is determined "by all the information relating to the location of the release as submitted by the notifier to the competent authorities of the member state".
Designed for both the visually impaired, as well as users with limited Internet access, VTS seamlessly combines Internet surfing capabilities and email access with Audiopoint's exclusive Notifier service to provide a comprehensive and secure personalized data service that is available anywhere, anytime from any telephone.
NOTIFIER of Northford, Connecticut, offers the ONYX ExitPoint audible exit technology.
As if that's not enough, Gmail contains an ever-growing selection of nifty features, from an automatic notifier that you received an e-mail to filters and a chat service.
Notifier, a manufacturer of commercial fire alarm technology and systems and part of Honeywell's Life Safety Group, offers Onyx Intelligent Sensing, Designed to increase speed and accuracy of response, Onyx Intelligent Sensing delivers rapid, intelligent response to incipient fire conditions while reducing nuisance alarms caused by dust, moisture, or spurious smoke.