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The notice formally notifies the taxpayer of the impending assessment, suspends the statute of limitations on assessing and collecting the deficiency and starts the 90-day period during which a taxpayer can petition the Tax Court for a redetermination of the deficiency without first having to pay it.
The advisories are part of a volcano watch system set up early this year, which uses satellite information to spot ash clouds and notifies airlines about the danger.
Upon receipt of such notice, the commissioner of education notifies the state commissioner of finance about the potential default, who, in turn, issues a warrant authorizing payment to the paying agent on or before the due date.
If no corrective action is taken in 10 days, the volunteer then notifies the city agency for enforcement.
6222(b)-2T, if the partner notifies the IRS of the inconsistent treatment of a partnership item, the Service generally may not make an adjustment with respect to that partnership item unless it conducts a partnership-level proceeding or notifies the partner that all partnership items arising from that partnership will be treated as nonpartnership items.
In accordance with the original Series B Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement, Landec has agreed to use its best efforts to prepare and file with the Securities and Exchange Commission a registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933 covering the Common Stock issued upon conversion of the Series B Preferred Stock within 90 days after the date the holder notifies Landec of its intention to convert.