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Automatically tracks and notifies traveler of non-refundable tickets up to the day of travel for rebooking if their travel plans have changed.
In phase two, a real-time detection device notifies the postal worker that a hazardous material has been collection while on route.
In the event of lost children or wandering elders, the system notifies residents for swift, community-wide action.
Heroix RoboMon ensures that backup operations complete successfully, and notifies IT staff of potential problems before backup or recovery processes experience failures or slowdowns.
When a system or application failure occurs, Operations Manager proactively notifies TelAlert, which then notifies the appropriate technical support specialist through the alert mechanism of choice, such as email, two-way pager, or touch-tone phone.
The new service, called SkyTel Message Center, notifies customers when they receive a voice mail, email or fax at their office or home, and then provides several options in responding to each.