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Notify received the PS500,000 investment in December.
* Then notify WorkCover immediately by phone 13 10 50 or email.
In the same way that the Internet is increasingly being consumed through apps, more apps are now going to be consumed through Notify - or at least, thats the future Facebook is hinting at.
Luke Curtis, 24, of George Street, Gun Hill, admitted failing to notify the DVLA of a vehicle transfer.
Gemma Nadir, 25, of The Ladle, Middlesbrough, fined pounds 175 and ordered to pay pounds 75 costs for failing to notify change of keeper of a vehicle.
(62) Statement 2, "When Consular Notification is Mandatory," reads as follows: Because of your nationality, we are required to notify your country's consular representative here in the United States that you have been arrested or detained.
If the company fails to notify customers, the law says the attorney general can sue and seek penalties of up to $150,000.
The new requirements call for firms to notify the peer reviewer of any communications about allegations or investigations (including litigation) relating to the conduct of an accounting, audit or attestation engagement performed and reported on by the firm.
"If the institution determines that misuse of its information about a customer has occurred or is reasonably possible, it should notify the affected customer as soon as possible," the guidance states.
If the determination grants full or partial relief to the requesting spouse, the Service will suspend processing of the claim for 45 days, pending an appeal by the nonrequesting spouse, and notify the requesting spouse that the nonrequesting spouse has the right to protest the preliminary determination.
Teltone Corporation, a provider of telephony solutions, has announced the release of Notify for OfficeLink.