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64) Copies of the Department of State's "Suggested Fax Sheet for Notifying Consular Officials of Arrests or Detentions" can be found on page 9 of the Consular Notification and Access booklet, supra note 2, or at the U.
Since the California statute had run out, the questioner hoped to skip notifying the FTB, but he had qualms about that and posted a question about what to do.
Ensure uniform, statewide standards and practices for accepting, processing, and correcting voter registrations and notifying voters.
Los Angeles County fire officials said the company followed protocol by notifying the city, the Fire Department, the Sheriff's Department and other state and county officials of the maintenance.
The tax matters partner (or tax matters person) performs an integral role as the official representative of the partnership (or limited liability company) vis-a-vis the IRS, receiving various notices of entity audit, notifying other partners and making elections (including choice of forum) on behalf of the entity.
She believes that owners should be proactive in notifying the unit if they believe the occupants are not eligible for SCRIE assistance, or if they know the eligible senior citizen has died, and SCRIE would then begin an appeal process to review the applications.
To facilitate notifying the IRS of address changes, the IRS issued Form 8822, Change of Address, and revenue procedure 90-18, which explains how a taxpayer should inform the IRS of an address change.
Ford also is notifying owners of certain 1993-model Capri vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions of a voluntary safety recall.
FAA's Nicholas Krull, who helped set up the program, says the system functioned according to design, notifying carriers and leaving them to decide whether or not to fly through the area.
Young-Shannon sampled the property and received assay results prior to notifying MacMillan on September 1, 2005 that Young-Shannon had completed due diligence and was proceeding with the option agreement.
In April 2002, the state of California waited more than two weeks before notifying employees that hackers broke into the state's payroll system and compromised its payroll information.