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NOTING. The name of the minute made by a notary on a bill of exchange, after it has been presented for acceptance or payment, consisting of the initials of his name, the date of the day, month and year when such presentment was made, and the reason, if any has been assigned, for non-acceptance or non- payment, together with his charge. The noting is not indispensable, it being only a part of the protest; it will not supply the protest. 4 T. R. 175 Chit. on Bills, 280, 398. See Protest.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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11 It is worth noting here that my premise is that textual criticism and philological studies are crucial in the interpretation of early modern texts and reveal aspects of the political realities of Renaissance textuality that have received too little attention.
While there are those who support the full endorsement of international human rights standards, there are many who find these principles antithetical to Islam.(78) There are also arguments by cultural relativists that international human rights are western in nature, and not suitable for those in the developing world.(79) The cultural imperialism argument can be countered by noting that cannibalism and slavery were once hallowed traditions in certain cultures, and no one attempts to justify them today.(80) Despite opposition from cultural relativists, Professor Abdullah Al-Na'im of Sudan states that the Muslim world must undertake the struggle to reconcile Islam with modern human rights standards.(81)
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