noting down

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The doctor was busy observing the variations of the barometer and noting down the details of his ascent.
He pleased himself by noting down with a pencil, in his big schoolboy handwriting, the various items of his portable property which might be sold for his widow's advantage as, for example, "My double-barril by Manton, say
A thousand miles beyond the last mission station toiled her engineers and spies, clad as coolies, under the guise of itinerant merchants or proselytizing Buddhist priests, noting down the horse-power of every waterfall, the likely sites for factories, the heights of mountains and passes, the strategic advantages and weaknesses, the wealth of the farming valleys, the number of bullocks in a district or the number of labourers that could be collected by forced levies.
Keepers were given the task of noting down every single animal that calls the zoo home, above.
In a speech to members of Turkey's exporters assembly, Erdogan said, 'We will not shy away from noting down and questioning banks where we see banks go the wrong way on interest rates and credit policies.
CCP officials while noting down the issues vowed to look into them.
If you enjoyed 'proper' beer - cask ale - you wore a stained jumper, had a full-length beard and spent your time at beer festivals solemnly noting down comments of varying profundity on their accompanying beer sheets detailing all the ales provided for you.
When the victim was later seen noting down the registration, she was assaulted again.
It will be brilliant to take in a Bundesliga match and I'm sure Steven Hyndes will have his clipboard with him noting down the tactics
It was on Sunday that I saw a bus almost running down a biker who had stopped on the middle of the main road ( Kalki Devi Marg) and noting down the tele- They distract drivers & can cause accidents phone number of Paras Spring Meadows," Singh added.
A sweet, charming man who began noting down vehicle registrations in a little book back in the 60s, he kick-started the cult that has so far earned the Treasury PS2billion.
To enter, teams must submit a paper entry, noting down their menu, ingredients, methodology and cost breakdowns.