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As we anticipated, the unlinking of trades in JSCC resulted in an increase in notional terminated.
Bonds purchased by EIB will be cancelled on the settlement date, and the outstanding notional amount will be decreased corresponding to the notional amount bought back.
Certain newer types of financial instruments have evolved that do not fit this definition neatly, if at all, even though they might be viewed as analogous to notional principal contracts.
The total notional amount outstanding reached its peak of $673 trillion in June 2008, but just six months later it had fallen to below $600 trillion in the wake of the financial crisis.
The ISDA analysis showed that the level of OTC derivatives notional outstanding, excluding FX derivatives, and adjusting for the impact of clearing, declined by 12 per cent from $475 trillion at year-end 2007 to $419 trillion at year-end 2010.
In part because the well-seasoned Great Hunter (by Aptitude), the light- framed California-bred Notional (In Excess) and the massive Liquidity (Tiznow) all are owned by Reddam, the O'Neill brothers have contrived to keep them from racing against each other in the preps.
s commercial mortgage pass-through certificates, series 2002-FLT1, as follows: class A-1, $260,435,807, floating, affirmed at Aaa; class A-2, $302,400,000, floating, affirmed at Aaa; class X-1A, $781,664,455, notional, affirmed at Aaa; class X-iB, $781,664,455, notional, affirmed at Aaa; class X-2, $283,000,000, notional, affirmed at Aaa; class B, $24,900,000, floating, affirmed at Aa1; class C, $35,097,394, floating, affirmed at Aa3; class D, $27,602,606, floating, affirmed at A1; class E, $26,000,000, floating, affirmed at A2; class F, $22,800,000, floating, downgraded to Baa1 from A3; and class G, $21,200,000, floating, downgraded to Baa2 from Baa1.
The Basel-based BIS said a survey of 75 major financial institutions in 11 industrial nations found the notional principal of derivatives contracts stood at 69.
Accordingly, in 1992 the SEC adopted a risk-assessment program that requires broker-dealers to report on a quarterly basis the size of their derivatives exposure in terms of both notional amount and replacement cos value.
Specifically, the Institute filed comments on four regulatory subjects: the section 482 valuation misstatement penalty, information-reporting penalties, notional principal contracts, and so-called earnings stripping.
NEW YORK -- Bank of America Merrill Lynch today announced it has added Notional Pooling to its Global Liquidity Platform, a centralized technology hub for liquidity management.