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133,258,000 class 1A-I2 exchangeable notional notes 'BBsf'; Outlook Stable;
Reducing OTC derivative outstanding notional amounts is a major contributor to achieving the leverage ratio goals of individual institutions and to enhancing stability in the financial markets.
Periodic payments under a notional principal contract are payable at intervals of one year or less and are recognized ratably on a daily basis.
The company said it expects the notional cash distribution generated by this sale of options will be withdrawn from the Indices on June 15, 2015, subject to adjustment in the event of any market disruption events.
This discussion illustrates the difference between netted fair value, gross fair value, and maximum notional payouts by referring to the respective amounts in Goldman Sachs's 2011 annual report (http://www.
based Henry Schein uses Amsterdam-based Bank Mendes Gans, a specialty institution that offers cash management, forex and cash pooling services, to oversee its notional multicurrency pool.
The total notional amount outstanding reached its peak of $673 trillion in June 2008, but just six months later it had fallen to below $600 trillion in the wake of the financial crisis.
The ISDA analysis showed that the level of OTC derivatives notional outstanding, excluding FX derivatives, and adjusting for the impact of clearing, declined by 12 per cent from $475 trillion at year-end 2007 to $419 trillion at year-end 2010.
AMSTERDAM -- Ahold said yesterday that it has repurchased, to a total principal notional amount of about 110 million euros (US $148 million), the following notes and bonds, in keeping with the its debt reduction strategy:
Notional won the Risen Star Stakes in Louisiana last month.
The minister retaliated by setting a notional budget for 2004-05, meaning any rise in their precept is judged against the notional figure and not what they actually spend.