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Given that the international community notionally accepts China's claims to sovereignty over Taiwan, there is little prospect of any international action, or even condemnation, of Chinese interference in Taiwan's elections, unless they turn to military action.
Total fuel oil flows into East Asia for April to fall below the Q1 average of 7.1-7.2 million tons, with 6.3-6.4 million tons notionally assessed so far.
Even though the Welsh are notionally playing catch-up having dropped two points against Georgia in a 1-1 draw last month, Coleman's team are very disciplined and will retain their shape and organisation.
The art of America, one may argue, is represented more appropriately by multiples, not masterpieces, artworks reflecting a notionally democratic market, not hierarchical culture.
Although the SWIFT system is notionally open, transactions using SWIFT happen at the official exchange rate, which trades at a 15% premium to the parallel market rate.
Notionally, a unilateral ceasefire can only be violated by the same party that declared it.
The pension of BSNL pensioners/ family pensioners, who retired prior to June 10, 2013 has been revised with effect from January 1, 2007 notionally with actual benefit with effect from June 10, 2013, an official statement said.
In practice, even many nations where speech is notionally protected nevertheless have laws that define lines that should not be crossed.
The market continued its rebound journey, as a result of which investors gained OMR203 million (notionally) in terms of market capitalisation, mainly due to better investor sentiment.
Energy suppliers are only notionally competing organisations who are in this basic industry to make as much profit as possible, even though it is totally vital to us.
And later: "Did you get the email about the list of foods he shouldn't attempt to eat?" Similarly the Tories, notionally led by Hugh Dennis' "senior campaign delivery director" and his first-class Boris Johnson impersonation, have their own conversational dos and don'ts (Eric Pickles is a no-no), as well as the constant obsession with Twitter trends.
The withdrawal of Saudi Arabia and, notionally, Qatar from its list of sponsors hasn't helped.