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I regularly visit them to get ideas, Improving our counters to a premium delicatessen standard is something Sainsbury's is focused on notionally.
US Air Force (USAF) Chief Scientist Mark Lewis said Blackswift, a project of the USAF and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will pave the way for the development of a hypersonic aircraft, which he notionally dubbed the SR-72.
As early plan diagrams indicate, Hodder's initial intention was to create a necklace of pavilions along a garden wall, physically and notionally extending the garden pavilions that Jacobsen more loosely distributed to the west of the site.
It appears that Wembley is going to be notionally available for athletics, but I don't see that happening in my career time.
EGTM notionally pools balances, without physical transfer of funds, from accounts held at Bankers Trust, whether denominated in euro or in a legacy currency.
Notionally, there is a single market for medical devices, equipment and supplies in Europe.
Day five of the second Test between the Proteas and the Black Caps - or White Flags as they shall henceforth be known - was notionally scheduled for Sky Sports 3 but there was no chance of the match getting that far.
This doesn't alter our strategic view that on a longer-term perspective it is those risk assets - in particular, developed market equities - that likely offer the best risk-adjusted returns and notionally 'safe' assets, such as government bonds, that offer the worst.
That might sound counter-intuitive, given all the economic doom and gloom, but with prices going down you will actually save more on the larger, more expensive property you are buying than you notionally lose on the smaller one you are selling.
The WBC middleweight silver medal for which they are notionally fighting is nonsense.
While polling experts stressed that it was risky to project national poll results into local seats, it is likely that on these figures the Tories would win three seats from Labour - Cardiff North, Carmarthen West and Pembrokeshire South - as well as the new seat of Aberconwy, which was notionally a Labour seat in 2005.
The suggested stop is set well below the collection of support and covers the potential for a volatility spike lower before a reversal (like we have seen happen in the past around this level); but it is still notionally large.