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Given that the international community notionally accepts China's claims to sovereignty over Taiwan, there is little prospect of any international action, or even condemnation, of Chinese interference in Taiwan's elections, unless they turn to military action.
Energy suppliers are only notionally competing organisations who are in this basic industry to make as much profit as possible, even though it is totally vital to us.
The Tory manifesto notionally favoured reform but Cameron's chumocracy confirms he's happy to perpetuate the indefensible.
Similarly the Tories, notionally led by Hugh Dennis' "senior campaign delivery director" and his first-class Boris Johnson impersonation, have their own conversational dos and don'ts (Eric Pickles is a no-no), as well as the constant obsession with Twitter trends.
The withdrawal of Saudi Arabia and, notionally, Qatar from its list of sponsors hasn't helped.
Any notionally car-literate person would be able to tell you it was a Mercedes C-Class, even if they'd never clapped eyes on the thing before.
Baga is notionally the headquarters of a multinational force comprising troops from Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon, although only Nigerian troops are actually stationed there.
With the modernized system the pension administration should be able to collect, store and process information for notionally defined individual pension accounts.
The Index notionally tracks the returns that may be available from investing in a basket of up to 100 stocks that are selected pursuant to the Return on Disability Binary Ranking, created by The Return on Disability Group (an affiliate of the Donovan Group LLC), and meet certain market capitalisation, trading volume and financial viability thresholds.
Similarly if the international communities adhered to the Islamic calendar, then over the last two centuries we would notionally have celebrated Christmas during a different month of the year.
An unruly spirit is set free throughout, uniting the notionally 'sacred' and 'secular'.
This internal disparity in what is notionally a single European market inevitably imposes great strains on some members of the currency union," World Economics said in the report.