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The department has already restored the Jumeira 3 Beach, Umm Suqeim 1 Beach and the Al Mamzar Park Beach, all of which were nourished with 600,000 cubic metres of high-quality beach sand.
Several pieces, though harvested, remain attached to the vines that have nourished their growth.
The energy and optimism of this indomitable force of dance apparently nourished her, as it nourished those of us she taught: Her life was long and full.
Swishing and swaying in hail, rain and snow Imagine in summer a fantastic glow Imagine it all before life began Imagine a baby in a mother's womb Just like a forest it will flourish and bloom It has all the necessities nature provides Well nourished and safe with a right to survive Just like the forest perfect and clean Along comes a baby a mother's dream Then imagine the forest destroyed by a storm The dream would be shattered and sad for all Imagine the baby it needs to grow It's nourished,protected and helped to glow Then along comes a drug storm sometimes unseen It destroys our children and shatters our dreams Imagine an answer if only I could But drugs destroy lives and should be nipped in the bud.
The womb likes to be relaxed, nourished, and loved before it is ready to cultivate new life.

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