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If they're to concede sleep as their killer app, 'a nourishing beverage to enjoy at any time' doesn't do it really, does it?
Skin Nourishing Milk Bath fans who love the distinctive nurturing and comforting aroma will be delighted it continues through these two new products, said a statement.
But scratching yourself might not be so nourishing, love.
Whatever the new world eventually looks like, all variations must and will have in common a nourishing environment and mission-driven leadership.
The distinctive flavours; Raspberry and Lovage with naturally nourishing rosehip, Honey and Lemonbalm with naturally calming camomile and Dandelion and Burdock with naturally cleansing fennel; and the associated benefits of the healing herbs provide consumers with dual motivation for purchase.
So it's time to give the ol' body a bit of an overhaul, and Elemis offers a Body Nourishing Duo that will give us a new lease of life.
Or, as the onetime Nixon aide puts it, ``The Mississippi River is like immigration: It's enormously nourishing .
The book combines practical common sense with helpful suggestions for nourishing the mid-life soul.
Although she has had to face the physical poverty and racism which characterize her father's existence, she gains the benefit of the family life he was deprived of, and this puts her in contact with nourishing cultural and personal values.

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