nouveau riche

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The nouveau riche need to be anchored in heavy houses; never in wood, always in stone.
Old money has historically distanced itself from the nouveau riche by forming impenetrable clubs, but since Manchester United are already a club, I don't suppose that would work.
KATH AND KIM SERIES 1 & 2 Set in the Aussie suburbs, this show follows the hilarious domestic fixes of mother and daughter duo Kath and Kim, nouveau riche and hopeless with it.
DAVID MOYES insists he is ready for the challenge of locking horns with the increasing number of nouveau riche clubs in the English Premier League.
His reputation was sealed with a series of Arts and Crafts styled country houses for the gentrified Edwardian nouveau riche.
My mother, Monica Morris, was influenced by these stories when she worked as a charwoman to nouveau riche families who were building mansions on the Newton Road in Great Barr in the 1930s from the profits being earned from the Black Country Industrial Revolution.
He set the story within the upper echelons of the nouveau riche.
Although members of the upper classes are not above profiting from the cocaine trade, they look down on the narcos in the same way that wealthy people the world over disdain the nouveau riche.
The doomed nouveau riche Birling family are symbolised by a powerful doll's house marooned in the centre of the stage, reminiscent of a decaying ship rammed up against rocks.
They arrived at Manderston, a 109-room country estate, in vintage attire, ready to immerse themselves in the everyday life of the nouveau riche, from 1905 to 1914.
This was certainly a tie which captured the very essence of the FA Cup - the nouveau riche of the Premiership against the paupers of the Third Division, with York's players facing the prospect of life on the dole at the end of the season.
Bangkok has been described as being both chaotic and serene, ancient and modern, sacred and profane, and as a city that panders to nouveau riche greed while embodying traditional values.