nouveau riche

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Nouveau riche women's: Narciso Rodriguez for Her (Beaute Prestige International)
But Steen, a Catholic painter in a Calvinist country, injected comic relief into the idyllic homes of the nouveau riche, by skillfully subverting the natural and social order (2).
No wonder the nouveau riche are calling Target "Tar-gee.
But, maybe the need for private fortresses in today's Russia has deeper explanations than merely being a fashionable trend for the nouveau riche and burgeoning middle class.
While seemingly meant to burlesque nouveau riche of region, comic odyssey falls largely flat due to numerous extended takes and strident delivery that soon grows wearisome.
In a newspaper interview in South Africa upon his return for the launching of this book, Venter stated that "Melbournians will recognize the Coxes as a powerful nouveau riche couple of whose shady deals much is known," and that he "now reveals the seamy side of their private lives.
Widely disseminated and easily accessible financial information seemed to turn every man, woman, and child into potential market wizards, and, although far less expensive than hiring traditional asset managers, do-it-yourself wheeling and dealing has attained its own level of chic among the nouveau riche.
His gently satiric caricatures were mainly aimed at the growing nouveau riche class and at the Aesthetes, led by Oscar Wilde.
Friedman notes that many re-purchases of properties are being made by the nouveau riche corporations and are merely reflecting the world's political and economic climate.
The new class of Russian nouveau riche, which sprang up like mushrooms after a rain, quickly gained control of all the levers of economic and political power.
Have you heard about the immigrant's son, the arriviste, and his nouveau riche predilections?
It's surely on the upward trend, as the well-known Sky newsreader continues with the welltrodden, yet popular, route of politics, sex and aristocracy versus the upstarts of the nouveau riche.