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But already toward the end of the 17th century, the nouveaux riches had become fair game for satire.
Louis-Philippe, who was also called the "roi des Francais"--a label that combined an ancien regime title with republican recognition of the people--used both republican and ancien regime symbolism to shore up his power, all while catering primarily to the nouveaux riches.
The nouveaux riches, the warlords who currently rule Afghanistan brought with them a totally different way of ruling, which really obscured many of the best qualities of Afghanistan," Ghani was quoted as saying.
The more uneducated nouveaux riches are beginning to afford the more expensive weddings, which is sad because they have the means to plan such a wedding, but have no sense of appreciation for fine taste and such a wedding concept.
The nouveaux riches, recent lottery winners and the like, can thus only dream of getting in the driver's seat.
Early 1990s Rottweilers become status symbols for Russia's nouveaux riches.
THE nouveaux riches of Clermont host the old guard of Munster this afternoon, and whatever has happened at Adams Park, where Wasps play Llanelli beforehand, there will still be all to play for in Pool Five of the Heineken Cup for these two, writes Geoffrey Riddle.
In Egypt, on the other hand, there developed a pervasive Islamist movement with a conservative moral vision, populist language, patriarchal disposition, and an adherence to scripture; engulfed by the pervasive Islamist mood, major actors in Egyptian society--the intelligentsia, the nouveaux riches, Muslim women activists, al-Azhar university, the ruling elites and the state--all converged around nationalist ideologies and conservative moral ethos.
Many Liverpool supporters, having seen their side so dominant in the past and having seen themselves usurped by the nouveaux riches Londoners have taken Chelsea's recent rise up the football hierarchy the most personally.
Michael Webb: There are a lot of nouveaux riches with deplorable taste opening wineries and buying wine, and they are looking for an instant pedigree by aping past glories.
Tiffany's luxurious diamond encrusted orchids, wonderful scent bottles and diamond necklaces satisfied the yearnings of America's nouveaux riches who had risen on the tide of oil and railroad money to social eminence with lavish houses on Fifth Avenue and enough in their bank balances to purchase an English aristocrat for their daughters.
The 'majority' of Monro's clients were either from the 'middling' or 'lower ranks' of society or from the nouveaux riches.