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Session V on fluorine in PU coatings will examine how with novel functionalities in PU coating systems, controlled hydrophobicity invariably is among the first topics mentioned.
If we can successfully combine Oxagen's approach to the understanding of the genetic components of disease in humans, with our ability to rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate a phenotypic disease response, we will have a powerful system to help identify and develop novel compounds with wide applicability.
8) In this review, she makes the important point that, whatever the ideological or theological orientation of a novel (whether, say, Christian or Marxist), it is first of all important that it be a convincing and successful novel.
But during the long decades that followed that meeting, years that saw Castro transformed from the hemisphere's great emancipator into one of its last old-style caudillos and tyrants, and Vargas Llosa from a literary wunderkind and left-wing firebrand into the eminence grise of Latin American neoliberalism, a good many memorable examples of the Latin American dictator novel were published to considerable acclaim.
Not since Chaucer collected characters for The Canterbury Tales have secular and sacred personalities and events rubbed shoulders so closely as in Roccasalvo's next novel, Portrait of a Woman.
Still, the novel does raise some provocative points about the ethics of prostitution and the illegality of gay marriage, like the fact that a guy supported by a man is called "kept" while a heterosexual woman in the same, but socially sanctioned, situation goes by another name: wife.
Kingsley Amis's hilarious novel Lucky Jim (1955) centred around the most popular anti-hero of the time, Jim Dixon, who had a profound hatred of the social and cultural conventions surrounding university life One of his strongest antipathies was for "filthy Mozart.
The novel begins with these wonderful lines: "Her body moved with the frankness that comes from solitary habits.
The same three toys, now familiar to the children, were then placed in a transparent box with a fourth, novel toy.
5) Most Libyan writers of that period focused on the genre of the short story, and only when urban life became more complex in the late 1980s did the novel appear in Libyan literature.
In cell 16 of Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Ngugi began to write his fifth novel - and his first in Gikuyu.

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