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Take, for instance, A Grain of Wheat, Ngugi's last novel before his prison term.
The novel in English fought for its articulation alongside novels in other bhasha languages (the term used to described Indian languages other than English), and many of the early writers of novels in English also worked in other languages.
The novel and the film both are set in a small Egyptian village run by an iron fist byAtris, but his rule is challenged when his beloved Fu'ada carries outa public act of defiance.
In the hands of a more skilled writer, Frank Yerby: A Victim's Guilt could have been a better novel. There are numerous factual errors, a great deal of ineffective writing and far too many editorial glitches that keep the novel from being altogether enjoyable.
Let me take one step back and explain the hypertext novel more fully.
Readers interested in the political novel would welcome The Chinese Political Novel: Migration of a World Genre, which examines the genre's emergence in China in the first decade of the twentieth century.
Veteran intellectual Aalia Imam, presiding over the launching ceremony, said that Razia Sultana's novel represents the womenfolk.
Miramar is amongMahfouz's strongest short novels. Set in Alexandria in the early 1960s, it's described by the American University in Cairo Press's Neil Hewisonas such: "everybody must have their favorite Mahfouz novel, and this is mine.
Summary: Lack of readers of Kurdish novels questions the ability of novelists, according to some
The concept of the graphic novel was brought to the fore by Will Eisner, who popularized the format of a serialized story within two book covers with his 1978 work A Contract With God (paperback, DC Comics, 2000).
The novel Ryoma ga Yuku, about Ryoma Sakamoto, the Meiji Restoration hero, has sold 21.5 million copies; Saka no Ue no Kumo, the story of the destruction of the Baltic fleet during the Russo-Japanese War, 14.45 million; Tobu ga Gotoku, about Takamori Saigo, another Meiji hero, 11 million.
This outstanding novel tells the story of Thea Kronborg, one of seven children born into poverty in a small Colorado desert town.

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