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After outlining the formal qualities that define the novella genre and the patterns through which editions of novellas were disseminated, Wang moves on to discuss their social import.
Not a few have been written about the Holocaust, including Eli Weisel's classic Night and Phillip Roth's The Ghost Writer, which features a fictional still-living Anne Frank as one of its main characters; The Diary of Anne Frank is novella-length and has some of the poetical attributes of the novella as well.
particular showed that the novella first appeared in the Renaissance
There are undeniably many occurrences in this novella where Conrad openly rehabilitates the African cultures and overhauls the Africans' humanity in terms that question the colonialist assumptions of culture and race.
Two novellas translated from the Hebrew by Jessica Cohen.
Furthermore, I have seen an improvement in attendance and a better attitude towards the difficult tasks of reading and writing about a French novella.
Jeannet also identifies some of the central themes in the novella, such as gender identity, disguise, the tensions between power and class, and the overlaps in genre between history and fiction.
Only excerpts are included of the novella winner, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, in which a young girl must escape from an alternate world; and of the novel winner, The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, that introduces a choice to cure one's autism.
There is something profoundly artificial about "The Marquise of O," suggesting a paucity of the natural emotion on display in Kleist's novella.
Her novella La Proumenoir de Monsieur de Montaigne appears for the first time in English translation in Hillman and Quesnel's Chicago 2002 edition, though ten editions of this bestseller came out between 1594 and 1644.