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In his novella, Cortazar includes panels and pages taken directly from issue 201 of this comic, "La inteligencia en llamas" (February 1975).
Introduction: Zayas's Prose, a Feminine World" lays out biographical information, and "Women's Alliances and the Frame 'Sisterhood'" (1) examines women's friendships within novellas from each collection.
32) If as a benchmark we take the ninth novella of Day One, where the outraged widow's malicious questioning triggers a profound inner change in the king of Cyprus, (33) the Sixth Day inevitably lets us down.
After outlining the formal qualities that define the novella genre and the patterns through which editions of novellas were disseminated, Wang moves on to discuss their social import.
The Medicis cologne that Lafco distributes is produced in Italy by 800-year-old perfumery Santa Maria Novella.
In his novella, The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil, Saunders takes us to Inner Horner, a country so small that only one person can fit inside at a time, and the six other countrymen must wait their turn in a "Short Term Residency Zone.
After they have read the first four pages of text, I test the individual students over their knowledge of the vocabulary and their ability to put verbs from the novella into the imperfect tense.
Only excerpts are included of the novella winner, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, in which a young girl must escape from an alternate world; and of the novel winner, The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, that introduces a choice to cure one's autism.
There is something profoundly artificial about "The Marquise of O," suggesting a paucity of the natural emotion on display in Kleist's novella.
He uses skin potions and shaving creams made by Santa Maria Novella monks who got in the beauty biz about, oh, 700 years ago.
Harold's End, a novella first published in McSweeney's and now illustrated by Cherry Hood, visits a new batch of LeRoy's children on San Francisco's streets.
Her novella La Proumenoir de Monsieur de Montaigne appears for the first time in English translation in Hillman and Quesnel's Chicago 2002 edition, though ten editions of this bestseller came out between 1594 and 1644.