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For a school district to do this (training program) for 10 years and be able to sustain it at the level it says a whole lot about how much the district values this program," Novelly said.
In 1934, in the preface to Grin's Fantasticheskie novelly [Fantastic novels] (Moscow: Sovetskii Pisatel'), the critic and former ideologist of Constructivism, Kornelii Zelinskii, coined the term' Grinlandia' for Grin's imaginary country, drawing on the phonetic similarity between 'grin' and' green' of Greenland (Grinlandia in Russian).
According to Fish, the Court resolved the problem by novelly interpreting the intentions of the law-makers and thereby overriding what the Court saw as the plain meaning of the relevant statute.
Surely, I propounded--to no one, of c ourse--this was merely a game of a high order, spiritual kin to passing notes in geometry class, where the dimwitted but now adult technology victim, in another unconscious attempt to stave off existential despair, novelly transmitted his largely unnecessary missives to like-minded friends and associates, who then necessarily unnecessarily responded, ad infinitum.
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