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He saw the zebra's tail dipped into a caldron of water above which the witch-doctor had made magical passes the while he danced and leaped about it, and he saw the breasts and foreheads of each of the three novitiates sprinkled with the charmed liquid.
before entering the novitiate of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette on July 1, 1955, in Bloomfield.
My class started novitiate on September 8, 1963, at St.
Two months after graduating from Coyle, he entered the Holy Cross novitiate in Valatie.
or purchase) Design, manufacture and supply of 3 diagonals and critical spare parts for the following interstations of Santo Domingo - Novitiate (line 2), Porto - Urgel (line 5) and Opera - Latina (line 5).
com)-- Texas native completes novitiate program in California and moves to Colorado to continue Capuchin formation.
The book follows the travels of Lama Ozer and his novitiate Tashi as they leave the hidden monastery, where they have lived all their lives, in answer to a call received by the lama while in trance from the legendary kingdom of Shambala.
On March 11, 1958 he joined the novitiate of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits.
These Brothers argued that French-speaking Brothers were unsuitable in Ontario, and worked to establish an English-speaking novitiate as a means of securing an indigenized membership, ensuring greater local control over community life, and conforming to the province's Anglophone milieu.
Testarossa Winery's location at the historic Novitiate in downtown Los Gatos offers an unparalleled visitor experience and venue for truly dramatic private events, weddings, and meetings.
Joseph who mentored me during my first year of ministry--when I was fresh from the novitiate, zealous and inexperienced-earned her garland.
Set in the summer of 1982, the year of the Israeli army's siege of Beirut, "Tannoura Maxi" tells the story of a love affair between a young woman and a novitiate priest on the verge of taking his final vows.