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However, in the nineteenth century, even the Catholic hierarchy's influence did not ensure English-speaking Brothers could control local community life or secure permanent institutions as their efforts only resulted with two fleeting novitiates and a short-lived autonomous district.
These Brothers argued that French-speaking Brothers were unsuitable in Ontario, and worked to establish an English-speaking novitiate as a means of securing an indigenized membership, ensuring greater local control over community life, and conforming to the province's Anglophone milieu.
Ontario's Brothers argued that to carry out their apostolate they required a local novitiate where young men would be instructed in the obligations and practices of fraternal community living and be groomed for the rigors of their teaching vocation.
Born in La Estrella, Colombia, as one of seven sons, he entered the novitiate of the Congregation of Jesus in Bogota in 1955, later studying theology, philosophy and pedagogy there.
At least, that's the simplistic phrase I've come to use to describe the novitiate period of discernment and preparation for professing vows in August as a Sister of St.
And it's clear that some are left to imagine an outdated version of the novitiate that persists in movies, featuring strict rules, an emphasis on personal piety, and little interaction with the outside world.
Over the two years of my own novitiate, I had a day set aside once a week for personal prayer and reflection to build up my relationship with God and to develop a routine of prayer that I can now draw upon while busy in ministry.
I know of several homeschooling families that already have teens and young adults who are in the seminary and in novitiates .
With the entire theater as his temple, Dendy created a slow-moving frieze of white-clad novitiates that wound its way through the lobby and aisles and eventually onto the stage.
Such numbers are low compared with the numbers that flooded seminaries after World War II, but they represent a vocation bull market compared with other congregations that have turned their novitiates over to retreat houses, weight-loss centers and cooking schools.
Edward Peklo, a former missionary in Antigua and now novice master for the Chicago province, said during an interview at the province's novitiate in Techny.
The novitiate became multi-racial only in 1968 when it moved to Payneville Springs, a "grey" area from the point of view of apartheid legislation.