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John of Hordle," he thundered, "you have shown yourself during the two months of your novitiate to be a recreant monk, and one who is unworthy to wear the white garb which is the outer symbol of the spotless spirit.
In particular, the Brothers argued that it was economically unsound to send young men to novitiates hundreds of miles away in Montreal, Baltimore, or New York.
It contains two schools, a small maternity hospital, a counseling program that assists hundreds of HIV/AIDS sufferers, an orphanage, a novitiates dorm, and a home for the elderly.
It portrays two similarly attired males, which the reader could take as novitiates, posed as if bestowing benedictions on each other--which is ironic given the stance of the Catholic and other churches regarding homosexuality.
Brigid continued to tend both her sheep, her novitiates, and the poor, feeding all she could.
In 1990, he moved to Lebanon to stay at different monasteries and novitiates until he obtained permission to become a hermit.
Perhaps it is a spiritual exercise meant to teach the "right" way of living so novitiates gain joy in the afterlife.
Tonight's second episode is just as clever, with the Doctor and Rose traveling 5 billion years into the future to visit New Earth, and the 15th incarnation of New York, where they encounter a hospital run by feline novitiates with a grim secret and the ``Last Human'' -- mere skin stretched onto a frame -- who has evil designs on Rose.
Also, transsexuals are not be admitted to seminaries, novitiates, or other training programs for consecrated life.
Signs bearing the distinctive golden wheel greet gourmands and novitiates traveling down the Via Emilia and signify that dairies with retail outlets are nearby.
I know of several homeschooling families that already have teens and young adults who are in the seminary and in novitiates .
With the entire theater as his temple, Dendy created a slow-moving frieze of white-clad novitiates that wound its way through the lobby and aisles and eventually onto the stage.