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The demands on the time of a public man are very heavy nowadays, very heavy indeed.
It is the one subject of really national importance, nowadays, Lady Stutfield.
No one then imputed to pride, or even impertinence, as would be done nowadays, this liberality on the part of the first minister.
Oh, nowadays so many conceited people go about Society pretending to be good, that I think it shows rather a sweet and modest disposition to pretend to be bad.
Nowadays people seem to look on life as a speculation.
You see, we've learned to conceal things nowadays - to smooth them over, to play the part of ordinary citizens to the world while we tug at the underhand levers in our secret moments.
Well, I can tell you anything that is in an English Blue Book, Harry, although those fellows nowadays write a lot of nonsense.
His cortege--what we should nowadays call his staff--of bishops and abbés invaded the estrade in his train, not without causing redoubled tumult and curiosity among the audience.
Nowadays a poet makes a poem, and it is printed with his name upon the title-page.
As all sleds, nowadays, must have a name, the one in question had been honored with the title of Grandfather's chair, which was painted in golden letters on each of the sides.
The young men nowadays were emancipating themselves from the law and business and taking up all sorts of new things.
Voluptuousness, or sensual pleasure, is a dangerous thing to discuss nowadays.