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Having shown how YouTube microcelebrity plays out in the case of Zoella with an emphasis on the performance of nowness, authenticity, and connectedness, the case is also illustrative of the relationship between microcelebrity and "mainstream" celebrity.
Neither paradigm--neither nowness nor narrative--is really conceivable apart from the other.
In nowness, in newness, the need to be "Herr von Vorsicht," der Fernseher, tele-visor, seer and broadcaster, prophet, fortune-teller, astrologer, historian--scholar--are we not precisely archiving ourselves, growing what Adorno termed "herbaria of artificial life" (1990, 58), archives and anarchives whose endurance, whose beginnings and ends, as archives, cannot be known?
perceive the hereness and nowness of such things serves as a recognition
Finally, immediacy is the relative degree of nowness in a scene or sequence, offering as it were, an existential moment that connects the differences among the audience.
A refreshing sense of nowness has infiltrated its profile and, no doubt thanks to director Anthony Dowell, the Royal seems to emit an air of inspired sassiness and passion.
But not just failure, no, he admitted; it also bespoke a wanderlust, a need to take the nowness of his life into the next thing, into newness--she was listening keenly now, a reed of a lady angled into the blowing force of this prolixity--and it was this newness, it was the flow, that nourished him.
Santayana, more poetically, wrote, 'The essence of nowness runs like fire along the fuse of time.
Neither the past nor the future, in their aspect of possibility, denote settled entities that have been or will be, for just as past and future enter into the total character of the passing present as present possibilities, so the hereness and nowness of present actualizings enters into the character of the past and the future, changing the possibilities inherent in them as real possibilities.