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"Charging these crimes as administering a noxious substance is the way forward and hopefully it will assist in putting a stop to it."
Invented by the Israeli firm Odortec, skunk water was first used in the Occupied West Bank in 2008 and armored vehicles have been fitted with water cannon to douse demonstrators with the noxious liquid and can induce nausea but have no long-term effects even in cases of a direct hit.
'This includes the use of noxious chemicals,' he said.
The other was given a "noxious substance" in the drink carton before Craddock indecently assaulted her.
The aim of this article is to create awareness of the emerging problem to mankind and ecosystem and to develop measures for its control by adopting common strategy to reduce the threat of this noxious weed in Pakistan.
A MAN was sprayed in the face with a noxious liquid and hit over the head with a baton as he waited at a bus stop.
10 that the plant would not create noxious odors or nuisance noise because of its small volume and enclosed, aerobic process using wood chips.
In a new study, researchers found that noxious spraying was favored by animals that were nocturnal and mostly at risk from other animals, while sociality was favored by animals that were active during the day and potentially vulnerable to birds of prey.
A 78-year-old woman nicknamed the Internet Black Widow for her ability to persuade grieving widowers to marry her pleads guilty in Sydney, N.S., to administering a noxious thing and failing to provide the necessaries of life.