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A noxious weed is a plant or part of a plant that could harm crops, livestock, the land or bodies of water, or that has been so designated by the federal government.
He is charged with GBH with intent, possession of a weapon designed to discharge a noxious liquid, two counts of robbery, four counts of attempted robbery and five counts of attempted GBH with intent.
The Crown says he sent a white powder by post to a home, intending the recipients to believe "it was likely to be or contain a noxious substance or other noxious thing and thereby endanger human life or risk to human health".
The second victim was indecently assaulted by you in 1988 - and in order to do so you administered to her a noxious substance.
He was approached by two men, who squirted a noxious liquid in his face and hit him with a wooden baton.
Local media said the Noctiluca algae can cause a rash on sensitive skin and is considered noxious as it depletes oxygen levels in the water and can kill fish.
The BLM estimates that the new rules will slow the spread of noxious weeds on its Oregon lands by about 50 percent and result in an estimated 2.
A sample confirmed the discharge contained poisonous, noxious and polluting matter potentially harmful to fish in the waterway.
In this preliminary observational study, we quantified the effect of noxious stimuli on these episodic EEG waveforms (10 Hz spindle-like waves and slow oscillations in high frequency power) as well as the non-episodic delta waves, in a cohort of healthy patients undergoing general anaesthesia.
EDITOR'S NOTE You are quite right about common mullein (Verbascum thapsus): It is indeed a noxious weed in Colorado.
Shown here is CLA Pres/CEO Jay Vroom, (1), and an official of the San Luis National Refuge Complex, Los Banos, CA, examining a noxious weed that is crowding out native grasses the initiative is helping to restore.