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Because children typically breathe faster than adults do, they're exposed to more of the noxious gases and particles.
Presumably, they plan to bottle the noxious gases leaking out of George Dubya Bush.
The 10-year-old case involves a claim by residents that pollutants, noxious gases and corrosive dust which came from the bauxite/alumina plant in Hayes, Clarendon, in central Jamaica, adversely affected their health and badly damaged the galvanized roofing of their houses;
Even if you're healthy, poorly vented furnaces, gas appliances, and woodstoves can produce noxious gases that irritate your airways.
Besides toxic particles and noxious gases (such as sulfur oxide and carbon monoxide) that contribute to acid rain and global warming, burning coal releases mildly radioactive elements, including uranium.
So, short of lobbying Congress, what's the best way to reduce your daily ration of noxious gases on the way to work?
As poisonous emissions from gasoline, like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, pass through the honeycomb, platinum triggers (or catalyzes) a chemical reaction that transforms the fumes into less noxious gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
Postal employees are exposed to noxious gases on a daily basis,'' Emerald told the board.
It also involved installing six-ft diameter piping to channel fumes from the belt press to the pack tower scrubbers, which replaced much smaller ones, and the addition of coal ash, an absorbent carbon product, to the sawdust mixture to assist in dealing with noxious gases.
And those same people who can't get to work on time are stuck in cars belching noxious gases that are poisoning our air.
Therefore, the architects looked closely at the factories to ensure the product did not produce noxious gases while being made and that the factories themselves were sensitive to environmental concerns.
They produce no noxious gases during the mixing or coremaking operation, and only minimum volatile emissions during pouring, cooling and shakeout.