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Tobacco use either through cigarette smoking, through paan consumption or hookah smoking also increases the chances of developing a nuclear cataract.
Compared to urban residents, the OR (95% CI) for rural participants' risk of cortical cataract, nuclear cataract, and PSC were 0.
In a nuclear cataract, the most common type, the center of the eye's lens becomes cloudy and hard.
Assil of the Assil Eye Institute in Beverly Hills, CA, performed a laser cataract procedure on a 78 year old female patient with a dense nuclear cataract that had caused impaired vision for several years.
From the beginning of the current investigation through 2008, 113 cataracts were diagnosed, including 108 nuclear cataracts, resulting in a four-year nuclear cataract incidence of 6.
The development of senile cataract, especially nuclear cataract, is associated with progressive oxidative changes in the intrinsic membrane fraction and membrane-related components of the lens, which eventually extends beyond them to also involve the soluble components of lens proteins.
The most common presentation was nuclear cataract 52.
30) Elderly age, high rate of pseudoexfoliation co-existence and a dense nuclear cataract were the most common types of comorbidities that may be responsible for the higher zonular dialysis rate and posterior capsular perforation with and without vitreous exposure in our study.
The researchers found that cigarette smoking was associated with an increased risk of age-related cataract, especially nuclear cataract.
Diet was the strongest risk factor related to reduced risk of nuclear cataract in this sample of postmenopausal women.
According to the study, nuclear cataract was common in the sample with 29 percent (454 women) reporting the eye disease with a lens in at least one eye.
Serum carotenoids and tocopherols and incidence of age-related nuclear cataract.