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If we could harness nuclear fusion, it would be the cleanest source of energy available, especially because it wouldn't produce radiation like nuclear fission does.
"It underlines our leading expertise in nuclear remote handling and robotics and highlights the key role we are playing in developing future nuclear technologies while continuing to support the existing nuclear fission power industry."
"Cesium and strontium have a relatively short half-life--about 30 years--so they produce the highest amount of heat in the short term of all radioactive elements created through nuclear fission."
KEYWORDS: Nuclear fusion, Nuclear fission, Nuclear propulsion, Space exploration, Inertial Confinement Fusion, Lawson criterion, Rayleigh Taylor instability
"Knowledge growth in the past 60 years--the first nuclear era--has not seen comparable advances in nuclear fission technology beyond the PWR.
An allocation of 118 million is provided for nuclear fission research projects, including radioprotection.
Wednesday by pulling out control rods which had been suppressing nuclear fission. In the presence of Makino, the utility carried out works for achieving criticality, or self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reaction, such as removal of control rods and adjustment of boron concentration in primary coolant water through early Thursday.
Involved in intelligence during World War I, Augustine took part in a mission to capture some leading German scientists, including Otto Hahn, the discoverer of the nuclear fission principle.
Iodine and cesium are by-products of nuclear fission that apparently come from Japan's troubled nuclear power plant in Fukushima where the March 11 earthquake and tsunami nearly destroyed the plant's containment system.
Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy announced that a federal radiation monitoring station in Sacramento, Calif., had "detected minuscule quantities of the radioactive isotope xenon-133," a substance that could have come only from nuclear fission. It posed no health threat; plant emissions reaching California were so slight they caused no radiation increase above natural background levels.
However, this hasn't prevented the nuclear industry from trumpeting a coming "nuclear renaissance." Because there is no carbon dioxide emitted during the process of electricity generation, when controlled nuclear fission reactions are used to heat water and produce steam, the nuclear option has been advertised as "green." Omitted in this hype is the fact that enormous amounts of energy, still sourced primarily from fossil fuels, are needed for the other parts of the process.
At present, nuclear power is produced through nuclear fission, which results in radioactive waste as well as fissile material which can be used to make bombs.

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