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Using Agfa Healthcare's proven technology, the nuclear medicine suite is designed to meet the specific needs of the nuclear medicine or molecular imaging department.
The nuclear medicine procedure defined in the Cerner system give technicians clear, step-by-step treatment instructions.
Members of the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board's Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging team
In 2015, hospitals segment is estimated to account for a major share of the nuclear medicine equipment market.
Nuclear medicine practice differs between developed and developing countries, mainly because of insufficient funds and training in developing countries.
Many studies have demonstrated that the exposure of nuclear medicine technologists arises primarily from radioactive patients rather than from preparation of radiopharmaceuticals [9].
Associate Professor, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Tygerberg Academic Hospital and Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa
THE NUCLEAR MEDICNE TECHNOLOGIST PROFESSIONAL who works closely with the nuclear medicine physician, according to the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM).
The Nuclear Medicine Technology curriculum is a flexible program designed to offer a 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree program of study and/or a certificate of completion in Nuclear Medicine Technology.
Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section, Reston, Va.

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