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Two procedures were used to fabricate vapor-foamed microcellular injection molded parts, denoted as PC-NaCl-W and PC-AC-W for using recrystallized NaCl and AC as nucleating agents, respectively.
NPCC and talc used as a nucleating agent were supplied from Behn Meyer Chemical Co.
For PE, Milliken's Hyperform HPN 20E nucleating agent will be on display, showcasing its improved barrier performance and physical properties, as well as productivity gains.
com), involves a new nucleating agent for polyethylene that produces what is said to be a crystalline orientation never before seen in fabricated parts.
Hyperform is the first family of nucleating agents for PP that directs balanced orientation in processed parts resulting in excellent dimensional stability, improved physical properties, and reduced warpage and shrinkage.
With its nucleating agent Hyperform HPN-20E, Milliken addresses the specific import, handling and storage challenges for Middle East PP producers using high levels of talc in Polypropylene grades.
When an aluminum bath is held in molten state over a period of time, as in the case of this metalcasting facility, the titanium boron can settle out and drop to the bottom of the melt, reducing its effectiveness for nucleating grain growth.
Hyperform[R] HPN-68 is a high-speed nucleating agent for polypropylene that offers very fast crystallisation rates, resulting in improved processing speed and productivity gains of as much as 30%.
It is the closed loops that are of interest in the business of nucleating galaxies.
Lists information about the types of additives used with PE including: antioxidants, inhibitors, stabilisers, masterbatches, antistatic agents, EMI/radiofrequency shielding, antifogging agents, biocides, blowing agents, biosensitisers, coupling agents, crosslinking agents, flame retardants, fillers/reinforcements/slip and antiblocking agents, metals deactivators, nucleating agents, and pigments and colorants.
org/en/) -Date: May 5 (Tue) - 9 (Sat), 2015 -Place: Fiera Milano Milan -Stand: Hall 9 Stand A21 -Product: -- Nucleating and Clarifying Agents for Polypropylene -- Blowing agents -- Halogen Free Flame Retardant for Polyolefin -- One Packs -- And more
To improve its performances, many studies have focused on decreasing the size of spherulites of iPP, and thus nucleating agents are considered to be incorporated.