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NUC-139 nucleating agent and acid neutralizer shortens molding cycles for HDPE by adjusting the orientation of the polymer crystals to optimize shrinkage and avoid the long mold-residence time needed to withstand the internal stresses that cause part deformation.
PLA was used as a reinforcing polymer at different concentrations (10 to 50 wt%), whereas NPCC and talc acted as a nucleating agent were fixed at 2 phr, respectively.
With increasing of crystallization time at 100 C, NA can further promote the crystallization of PLLA because of nucleating effect of NA, resulting in the formation of more PLLA crystals.
However, the presence of titanium does not indicate that it was actively nucleating new grains, so it may not be an accurate validation of grain refining effectiveness.
Additional tests revealed that: (1) autoclaving the nest soil, which would destroy any constituent organic nuclei (Vali 1995), diminished (but did not eliminate) its nucleating activity (Fig.
Nucleating agent is added to the suspension or the solution in a non-polar hydrocarbon solvent, or in concentrated organoaluminum, as part of the catalyst system for alpha-olefin polymerization.
com), involves a new nucleating agent for polyethylene that produces what is said to be a crystalline orientation never before seen in fabricated parts.
This proposal aims to use nucleating agents additives commonly utilized to manipulate the soldification of semi-crystalline polyolefin to control the ordering within conducting polymers and their corresponding blends.
In fact, the most viable method to increase the overall crystallization rate is the blending with nucleating agent.
Grain refining is the process of adding nucleating sites into the melt to initiate grain growth.
The TC86 is said to deliver high output homogenous melt from blends of natural and synthetic fibers, heat- and shear-sensitive thermoplastics, recycled plastics, coupling and nucleating agents, pigment and other additives.
Product types covered include antiblocking agents, biocides, antioxidants, antistatic agents, blowing agents, clarifying and nucleating agents, compatibilisers, fillers (including nanofillers), flame retardants, heat stabilisers, impact modifiers, lubricants and process oils, plasticisers and light stabilisers.