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On the other hand, based on the classical nucleation theory [32, 33], the modulus of silicone rubber composites could enhance the nucleation energy barrier, thus cell nucleation would be restricted.
The deposition nucleation process can be more suitably described by supersaturation with respect to the ice surface [22-24].
The results indicated that the SD could be reduced by 69.1%, and the time to start nucleation was reduced by 90.7%.
The formation process of austenite is influenced by the nucleation rate and diffusion.
Interestingly, the layering of water at interfaces has been phenomenologically linked to facilitating the nucleation of ice on sootlike and graphene nanoflakes (Lupi et al.
Even homogenous nucleation of supercooled water drops at -30[degrees]C has been reported.
Effect of surface-active substances on nucleation speed and the stability of resulting nano-particles are focused subjects in nanotechnology.
Benzoylhydrazide type compounds having 10 methylenes decamethylenedicarboxylic dibenzoylhydrazide demonstrated excellent nucleation ability.
Under photocatalysis condition, a whole growth period was about one second including hydrogen bubble from nucleation to detachment with max bubble diameter of 40 micrometers, while a whole growth period was about 100 milliseconds with max bubble diameter of 2 millimeters under the conditions of nucleate boiling.
In the first stage, the nucleation or birth stage, new transformed regions originate at certain "nucleation sites".