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As is known, the heterogeneous work of a critical bubble formation is smaller than the homogeneous work and, hence, the nucleation will proceed predominantly in cracks on foreign particles rather than in a homogeneous solution.
Nucleation process improves pharmaceutical freeze drying processes Featured among the technologies is Linde's proprietary VERISEQ Nucleation process that improves control and efficiency of pharmaceutical freeze drying processes.
The purpose of crystallization design is production of desired forms, Purity, size distribution and desired product, which is obtained by the creation of the desired supersaturation in which crystal growth and nucleation is suitable (Cohen, S.
New technologies will enable complete control of the freeze drying process including controlled nucleation, controlled crystal growth during freezing, product temperature control instead of shelf temperature control, the ability to determine the end of freezing, the end of primary drying, the end of secondary drying, and the ability to verify that the process has executed properly.
In the first stage, the nucleation or birth stage, new transformed regions originate at certain "nucleation sites".
the numbers or the ice nucleation activity (or both) of bacteria on plants reduce the incidence of plant frost injury [2,14,16,22,18,19,17].
Control of nucleation is obtained by applying a pressure to vials that are cooled to a temperature below 0 [degrees] C and rapidly releasing the pressure to initiate nucleation.
According to Miliken, Hyperform HPN-20E, is the most efficient PE nucleation agent available globally.
The overall objective of the scientists was to investigate polymer systems to which they could anchor the nucleators, and confirm that the nucleation activity is retained by their approach.
The interaction between organic acids and sulphuric acid can facilitate the crossing of an energy barrier called nucleation barrier, by forming a nucleus.
The nucleation of this dislocation pattern is what determines the peak strength of materials, the researchers report.
The first two chapters in this collection review recent developments in the thermochemistry of pre-nucleation clusters composed of common atmospheric nucleation precursors, and explore some problems with organic mass spectrometry.