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p] for epithermal neutron capture in medium-to-heavy nuclei.
Instead of exciting nuclei in the sample material, they combine the sample with the gas xenon and measure the wobbles from the xenon.
As a result of differentiation into their specific cell types, the nuclei of somatic cells exhibit a different pattern of markers compared to the nuclei of normal embryonic cells that have not yet differentiated themselves into specific cell types.
Since the 1940s, researchers have created various types of heavy nuclei that don't exist naturally on Earth.
Cloning and Stem Cells is an authoritative peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly in print and online, that focuses on understanding developmental plasticity and defining the molecular mechanisms that regulate differentiation or dedifferentiation of nuclei and cells.
13 NATURE, the Canberra team reports unexpected results from collisions of relatively light nuclei slamming into heavy targets.
Because fluorine-17 nuclei, as formed from the neon decays, can't eject single protons, the scientists concluded they were seeing the simultaneous emission of two protons from the neon.
While some nuclei emit a gamma ray as they settle down from excited states, others energize a nearby electron, booting it from the atom.
We have some aggregates which are smaller than the nuclei and some which are larger," says Vekilov.
It's the burg populated by unexcited nuclei that appear to be rich in orderliness but poor in energy.
The creators of element 114 believe they have finally set foot on the so-called island of stability, a postulated region of atomic properties populated by extraordinarily long-lived superheavy nuclei.
Similarly, when scientists last year found that people with neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington's disease have brain cells stuffed with unusual clumps of mutant proteins, many simply assumed that the abnormal buildup inside the cells' nuclei caused the cell death characteristic of the illnesses (SN: 8/16/97, p.