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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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A large, round and strongly basophilic nucleolus was centrally located in the nucleus with five or six circular nucleoli peripherally situated.
To define their presence in the examined cochlea, it was necessary to identify the structure (nucleolus or nucleus) in at least three of the four segments of the RC.
For AsA treatment seeds with 4% moisture content, the structure of entire cells presented complete, cytoplasmic membranes, nucleus, nuclear nucleolus, nuclear membrane and mitochondria all were intact (Fig.
(18) He showed that at least for the unit ball particle model considered here with a nucleolus at a distance k from the centre: (i) one-ray invariator, estimator of the surface area, is simpler and more efficient than the surfactor, and (ii) one-intercept invariator, estimator of the volume, is more efficient than the one-ray nucleator.
Oocytes at this stage were found in slides made from tissues of females in all maturity stages, unlike the Chromatin nucleolus oocytes, which were observed only in immature females.
The anterior midgut presents a single epithelium of prismatic cells with a median-basal nucleus containing decondensed chromatin and a nucleolus (Fig.
The nucleolus increased from 4-6 [micro]m and remained strongly basophilic.
Morphological changes in developing oocytes have been described for several species of teleosts (Grau et al., 2009; Chen et al., 2010; Lubzens et al., 2010; Mohamed, 2010) including changes in the size of the gonad and oocyte, the nucleolus (Thiry and Poncin, 2005), follicular epithelium (Quagio- Grassiotto and Guimaraes, 2003) and development of the yolk (Hartling and Kunkel, 1999).
"We want to pioneer a green technology park to act as the nucleolus of
It was applied the conventional 2% Giemsa staining for 5 minutes to obtain chromosome measures and Ag-NOR banding according to Howell and Black (1980) for nucleolar organizer regions (NOR) localization and also for counting the nucleolus number in interphase cells.
The first cytogenetic analysis by conventional Giemsa staining, silver nitrate impregnation of nucleolus organizer regions (Ag-NOR), and fluorescenee in situ hybridization (FISH) carried out on Ophisternon aenigmaticum from Margarita Island, Venezuela, is reported.