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She seemed almost beside herself, and nudged me as hard as she could.
Monsieur, monsieur--" here she nudged the croupier who was sitting on her left, and preparing to spin-- "combien zero?
At this the Tinker and the Peddler and the Beggar nudged one another, and all grinned, and the friars scowled blackly at Little John; but they could think of nothing further to say, so they turned to their horses.
We are very much obsessed with the transformative power of small behavior change interventions and nudges while admitting our limitations, there are things that cannot be nudged," he said.
Drivers are being nudged to make the optimal decision.
Had this group of people been nudged to engage in rational reflection, however, we could be much more confident that their choices reflect true preference.
Mandating nutritional labels is based on the assumption that individuals will be nudged toward greater under standing of short-term and long-term tradeoffs on their health.
with selecting the option other than the one being nudged toward.
Some participants selected contracts shorter than the default duration assigned to them, and some might have opted for longer contracts even if they hadn't been nudged.
This is arguably an appealing aspect of being nudged when things go well (do not we like to choose?
I nudged him again then resorted to a thump on the arm.