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Judges are also impartial, at least theoretically, which lends them an aura of credibility as nudgers, compared to, say, attorneys.
Baps and nudgers go without saying, and maybe a baguette.
Given this, to justify their project nudgers will often have to take a stand on whether and/or how much the future should be discounted, as well as on how, in their eyes, "well-being" and the best relevant model for the future should be defined.
The nudgers plan to do away with old-style Blair/ Brown bossiness in favor of offering incentives, using subliminal messaging, and changing the "choice architecture" of our daffy lives to influence us toward "healthier decisions and healthier lives" Instead of using taxes to make it more expensive to drive cars, for example, the nudgers will aim to rebuild public spaces in such a way that choosing to walk or ride a bicycle becomes easier than it currently is.