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When the nudgee sticks with the nudged choice (as many nudgers hope will happen given their views on what would be best for the nudgees), the availability of an opt-out provision does not alter the paternalistic nature of the nudger-nudgee interaction.
Nudgers advocate nutritional labeling on the assumption that there is a simple linear relationship between the availability of nutritional information and behavioral changes that improve public health.
Judges are also impartial, at least theoretically, which lends them an aura of credibility as nudgers, compared to, say, attorneys.
If there is value in relating to nature (or other people, for that matter) in more direct, non-mediated ways, then nudgers should recognize that devices that mediate our experience with nature and other human persons are not ethically neutral.
Fortunately, a war of words has been launched against the nudgers.
They do recognize that the potential benefits of nudging depend on "the ability of the Nudgers to make good guesses about what is best for the Nudgees.
In "Mushrooms," for example, she not only personifies the mushrooms but speaks from their point of view: "We are shelves, we are / Tables, we are meek, / We are edible, // Nudgers and shovers / In spite of ourselves.
Whose and which choices are the nudgers suppose to encourage?
And they are well complemented by former England one-day stars Andrew Strauss and Ed Joyce, who are both accomplished nudgers and nurdlers.
If--because of the success of nudges--we now live in a system of increasing population of both nudges and nudgers, we should be alert to the possibility that nudge(r)s will face increasing competition from other nudge(r)s and that individual responses may not be socially optimal.
And if we are to believe that nudgers respect the freedom to choose, why flirt with a ban?
If cash can cure us of obesity," Sandel asks rhetorically, channeling the nudgers, "why cavil about manipulation?