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But books such as "Nudge" by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein and "Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman question that rationality, and provide much of the intellectual backbone for nudging in the past decade.
Part I briefly describes a number of background concepts and reviews the reason nudging is seen to be paternalistic.
Adverse effects on people can persist even when government mistakes on nudging are eventually acknowledged.
This supports the theory that nudging individuals can improve their welfare.
These findings have large implications for judgments about nudging in general.
Rai Niaz Ahmad addressing the participants as Chief Guest in the inaugural session said, the conference is aimed at exploring agriculture productivity improvement through nudging, a technique that influences people towards desirable behaviour.
been written about the nudging approach in recent years, Cass
Voigt's (1), Emma Tieffenbach's (2), and Yashar Saghai's (3) ingenious comments have taught me a lot about nudging, embarrassment, and restriction.
Pulling and pulling on the damn thing, and now laying it down and traipsing back along its length so as to be able instead to push it forward, much of the time (swear to God) tilting the stalk a good 45 degrees into the air, laying it down again, nudging it leftward, going around to the other side, nudging it right, returning to the back to lift it skyward and shovingly forward once again.
I always thought that I was, at best, nudging the reader in the right direction.
Nudging people is about getting them to change their behaviour without necessarily banning activities.
They believe nudging isn't enough and that, in the words of Catherine Bennett of The Observer, there will be "a surge in obesity and mass poisoning" by booze and junk food unless the government adopts rules forcing people to become more health-conscious.